A school excursion that engages all the senses: touch, feel, play and learn!
Why learn inside when you can experience nature’s ‘outdoor’ classroom?
Animal Land Children’s Farm offers one of Australia’s best school excursion programs. Our school tours cater for boys and girls from Kinder to Year 9 and offer your students a practical, hands-on learning experience. It’s one of the most authentic education experiences available outside a classroom.

Our highly educated, trained and dedicated tour leaders encourage interactive discussions with the students and cover a wide range of important topics delivered in a fun, engaging and hands-on way. The children will learn about the various animal species, get an insight into how a farm really works, understand the interplay between the farm and the environment and learn the importance of the natural environment to the community.

All tours are tailored to meet the children’s ages and class room requirements and they’re delivered in a way that will have your students laughing while they learn.

For teachers wanting to offer their students an exceptional educational experience, wrapped up in a dynamic and fun package, this immersive farm tour cannot be matched.

All our tour leaders have their ‘Working With Children’ ticket.

Choose from three popular School Tours...
Kinder to Grade 3

First-Hand Farming 

Experience real farm life and learn where your food comes from.

Animal Land is the ideal learning environment where students can participate in a range of hands-on activities, including:

  • Tractor Rides
  • Pony Rides
  • Hand milking cows
  • Making butter in a churn
  • Nursing baby animals
  • Collecting eggs
  • Feeding ducks, goats, sheep
  • Poopa scooping
  • Seed planting
  • Farm Crafts
  • Farm Sports
  • Ponding
Years 4-6

Sustainability and The Seasons

In this tour students are introduced to the concept of a sustainable environment and how we all play a part.

They will also learn the latest in agricultural research and farming practices, the challenges the industry faces and how farms are becoming more sustainable.

Topics discussed include:

  • Energy and Climate Change
  • The difference between renewable and non-renewable energy sources
  • Visit the renewable energy features of Animal Land
  • Produce Gardening
  • Waste Management
Years 7-9

Paddock to Plate 

This is an exciting and insightful tour that offers a sneak peek into the food, livestock and farming industry.

Students are shown how fruit, vegetables and animals are farmed and prepared for distribution, and the science behind sustainable farm management.

Topics include:

  • Where our food comes from
  • Agricultural research
  • Managing a farm and sustainable farm practices
  • The process behind meat and produce preparation and distribution
Making teaching easier for you
Many of our school tours align with AusVels (the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority guidelines).

The practical activities we offer are aimed to address student’s specific learning objectives and general capabilities. We know that teachers are busy and have a range of topics to cover each semester – choose a tour with us and we’ll make it easy for you to incorporate our farm experience into your teaching plan.

Extra teaching resources for you
We also offer helpful classroom guides and templates for you to use pre- and post- tour so that you and your students can maximise the learning opportunities offered at Animal Land.

All teachers will be given access to these practical and helpful resources to extend the learning opportunity that our farm provides.

  • The Animal Farm Colouring-In Book: 30 of Australia’s Cutest Animals and Their Favourite Foods
  • ‘Old Macdonald’s Guide To Farm Sports: 30 Great Farm Games For City School Students’
  • ‘Maths and Farming: 30 Fun Ways To Bring The Farm Into Your Maths Classroom’
Transport Available
Animal Land bus coaches and qualified drivers are available to collect your class and return you to school. Additional costs apply.
School Tours begin from as little as $28 per student.

 To book a tour, a party or accommodation, please Email us or call us